ACMA Presidents

Past and Present

Our past presidents have come from all medical specialties and have all contributed significantly to the Australian Chinese Community inside and outside of our organisation.

1990-93                                Dr Mark Liew
1993-95   Dr Chris Poon
1995-96   Dr Ven Tan
1996-97   Dr Hilary Ku
1997-98   Dr Lionel Chang
1998-01   Dr Patrick Tan
2001-02   Dr Stephen Li
2002-04   Dr Stephen Hing
2004-07   Dr Ida Soo
2007-10   Dr Stephen Hing
2010-12   Dr Seng Chua
2012-15   Prof Danforn Lim
2016-17   A/Prof Vincent Lam
2017-18   Prof Danforn Lim
2018-19   Dr Michael Suen & A/Prof Seng Chua
2019-20   A/Prof Seng Chua
2020-23   Dr Stephen Hing