Management Committee

The management Committee meets on a monthly basis to coordinate and oversee work by the subcommittees. Subcommittees are responsible for the different aspects of the functioning of the Association.

Management Committee 2023/24

IMG 20231207 WA0016 ACMA Education

Office Bearers:

  • President: Dr. Susan Chu
  • Senior Vice President: A/Prof. Stephen Li
  • Vice President: Prof. Vincent Lam
  • Honorary Secretary: Dr. Alex Ting
  • Assistant Honourary Secretary: Dr. Menolly Lee
  • Honorary Treasurer: Dr. Simon Luk
  • Assistant Honourary Treasurer: Prof. Vincent Lam
  • MC Rep to ACMA Charitable Trust: Dr. Stephen Hing and Dr. Natalie Lee

Other Committee Members:

  • Dr. Menolly Lee
  • Dr. Jason L
  • Dr. Sarah Huang
  • Dr. Wei Luo
  • Dr. Justin Ting
  • Dr. Stanley Xue
  • Dr. Tally Z
  • Dr. Natalie Lee

Subcommittee Chairs 

  • ACMA House: Prof. Vincent Lam
  • Annual Scientific Conference: Dr. Stephen Hing and Dr. Sarah Huang
  • Community Health & Research: A/Prof. Stephen Li
  • Education & Networking: Dr. Susan Chu
  • Information Technology: Dr. Jason L
  • Membership: Dr. Natalie Lee
  • Publication/Podcasts: Dr. Justin Ting
  • Social: Dr. Wei Luo
  • Social Media: Dr.  Menolly Lee
  • Young ACMA (Young Bloods): Dr. Stanley Xue & Dr Tally Z (co-chairs)