Management Team

Meet the Team

The management Committee meets on a monthly basis to coordinate and oversee work by the subcommittees.  Subcommittees are responsible for the different aspects of the functioning of the Association.

Management Committee 2019-20

Office Bearers:

  • President: A/Prof Seng Chai Chua
  • Senior Vice President: Prof Danforn Lim
  • Vice Presidents: Dr Tao Geng (Internal Affairs); Dr Vivian Liu (External Affairs)
  • Honorary Secretary: Dr Alex Ting
  • Honorary Treasurer: Dr Stephen Li

Other Committee Members:

  • Dr Huiling Li
  • Dr Danae Lim
  • Dr Rachel Ng
  • Dr Susan Pan
  • Dr Tony Pang
  • Dr Season Yeung

Subcommittee Chairs 

  • ACMA House: Prof Danforn Lim
  • Annual Scientific Conference: Dr Season Yeung
  • Community Health & Research: Prof Danforn Lim (Chair); Dr Stephen Li (Co-chair)
  • Doctors in Training: Dr Tony Pang
  • Education, Networking & Family Medicine: Dr Huiling Li (Chair); Dr Vivian Liu (Co-chair); Dr Tao Geng (Co-chair)
  • IT/Website: Dr Tony Pang (Chair); Dr Danae Lim (Co-chair)
  • Membership: Dr Season Yeung (Chair); Dr Susan Pan (Co-chair)
  • Social Media & Publication: Dr Danae Lim
  • Social & Youth Development: Dr Rachel Ng
  • Sports & Lifestyle: A/Prof Seng Chai Chua
  • MC Rep to ACMA Charitable Trust: Prof Danforn Lim

Website Team

The website is maintained by the IT subcommittee members listed below:

  • Dr Tony Pang (Chair)
  • Dr Danae Lim (Co-chair)
  • Dr Kar Yin Fok
  • Dr Mona Liu