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The ACMA Charitable Trust

The ACMA Charitable Trust (ABN 26 306 825 512) was established on 19 November 1992 as a registered public charity in the state of NSW. The Trust was established by the Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) but is a separate legal entity established to serve the community at large. It is managed by a Board of Trustees which is separate from the Board of the ACMA, and it acts independently of the ACMA.

The Trustees

The ACMA Charitable Trust is run by a Board of Trustees appointed by the President of the ACMA, acting by a majority resolution of the Management Committee. At present there are 6 trustees from a broad cross-section of the Australian community. They all serve in an honorary capacity.

The current trustees (pictured above) are:

  • Honorary Chair - A/Professor Christopher Zaslawski
  • Honorary Treasurer - Dr George Han
  • Honorary Secretary - Mr Andrew Sue
  • Honorary Individual Trustees -
    • Mr Albert Chan
    • Mrs Fifi Lai
    • Dr Danforn Lim
    • Mrs Linda Tang
  • Honorary Legal Advisor: Mrs Cathy Lam (Not a Trustee)

Education and Research

The advancement of education and research in medicine

Relief of hardship

The relief of distress and hardship of people in need

Financial Assistance

Scholarship and bursaries to promote the undertaking of medical research and studies


Making of gifts and donations to other publicly registered charities

Financial Information

Below is/are the latest financial statements of the ACMA Charitable Trust:

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ACMA Annual Charity Dinner

The mainstay of donations to the ACMA trust from friends and members is at the annual ACMA Charity Dinner.  Each year, one or two charitable organisations are selected and all proceeds from the dinner event donated to them.  Organisations which have benefited in the past from your generosity include:

  • CanRevive - a non-profit organisation which support Chinese-speaking patients through their cancer journey;
  • Giant Steps - a school for children with autism;
  • Australian Nursing Home Foundation;
  • Australian Resesarch Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) at the University of Technology Sydney;
  • Woodbury Autism Education and Research;
  • Northcott Disability Services.

Other Donations

Donations may also occur at times of crisis, such as after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake Disaster.  At that time, the ACMA Charitable Trust raised a sum of A$20,650 which was used to donate a cardiac machine to assist the rebuilding of the Du Jiang Yan People's Hospital.


Some organisations we have supported in the past: