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Application for ACMA Membership

Any medical practitioner can join the ACMA. However, the by laws require that the new member be nominated by two (2) current ACMA members. If you provide us with the name and email address of these two members below, we will verify with them the nomination.

Thanks for your interest in the ACMA.

Membership fees for 2023

There are two components to the membership fee.  A once only entrance fee and an annual subscription fee.  The subscription fee covers the calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec). 

Entrance Fee

New members: $75 + GST = $82.50
Old members rejoining: $10 + GST = $11.00
Medical student and intern members: Free

Annual Subscription Fee

Membership until 31 December.

Applications 1 Jan to 30 Jun: $200 + GST = $220
Applications 1 Jul to 31 Dec: $100 + GST = $110

Discounted memberships:

A 50% discount on the subscription fee applies to spouses of existing ACMA ordinary members,  retired members, recent graduates (PGY1-3) and members residing out of NSW for >6 months.

Student membership is a quarter (25%) of ordinary membershp fee.


Once you have submitted the form online, we will contact you regarding payment.  Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer and Credit Card payments are accepted.

Alternatively, you could fill this pdf form.

If you are applying for Student Membership, please use this form.


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