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Ziggy Yeh

Ziggy Yeh

7 Crane Road, Castle Hill 2154, New South Wales

(02) 9737 9536
0417 499 883
(02) 8088 7938
General info

Dr Ziggy (Zeigfeld Yu-Ting) Yeh is a General and Colorectal Surgeon who is specialised in open and minimal invasive surgery to treat a variety of general and colorectal conditions. He is also an advanced endoscopist who provides no-gap gastroscopy and colonoscopy services to screen, survey, and treat gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Ziggy completed his General Surgical training at Westmead Hospital, and awarded Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2012. He undertook further subspecialty training in Acute Care/Emergency Surgery and Colorectal Surgery at Nepean Hospital, Blacktown Hospital, Concord Hospital, and prestigious Singapore General Hospital, where he was trained in both robotic surgery and pelvic exenteration (advanced surgery to remove large or complex colorectal cancer).

Dr. Yeh has public consultant appointments at Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital and Hawkesbury Hospital. He consults and operates privately insured patients at Hospital for Specialist Surgery and Macquarie University Hospital.

Ziggy speaks fluent mandarin, and he recognises the traditional Chinese culture and family values. He can overcome language barriers and provide cultural sensitive consultation to the Chinese patient.

He is a member of General Surgeon Australia, Society of Colorectal Surgeons (Singapore) and World Society of Emergency Surgery. He is also a clinical lecturer for Macquarie University and Western Sydney University.

葉昱廷醫生是一般外科和大腸直腸外科專科醫生,在Blacktown Mt Druitt醫院和Hawkesbury醫院被聘請為外科主治醫生 。同時他也在Hospital for Specialist Surgery私人醫院和麥格理大學醫院(Macquarie University Hospital)服務。

葉醫生在Westmead醫院完成了一般外科的培訓,於2012年獲得了澳大利亞皇家外科醫學院院士學位。之後他還到Nepean, Blacktown和Concord醫院再進修急診手術和大腸直腸手術。此外,他在亞洲享有盛名的新加坡綜合醫院培訓,專攻機器人手術和骨盆腔切除手術(去除大型或複雜的大腸直腸癌的高級手術)。他是澳大利亞外科醫生協會,新加坡大腸直腸外科協會和世界急診外科學會會員。

除了忙碌的臨床和行政公事,葉醫生還是麥格理醫學院(Macquarie University)和西悉尼醫學院(Westen Sydney University) 的臨床講師。他還於空閒之餘教育下一代的醫生。

Practice Locations
7 Crane Road, Castle Hill 2154, New South Wales

LAKEVIEW PRIVATE HOSPITAL - Suite 6, 17-19 Solent Circuit, Bella Vista 2153, New South Wales     02 9737 9536 or 0417 499 883
MACQUARIE GI - Suite 404, No 2 Technology Place, Macquarie University 2109, New South Wales     (02) 9737 9536 or 0417 499 883
WINDSOR CONSULTING ROOMS - 21 Bridge Street, Windsor 2756, New South Wales     02 9737 9536 or 0417 499 883
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  • Mandarin
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  • Colorectal Surgery
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