ACMA/SBA Badminton

A post about the SBA/ACMA badminton sessions

The Australian Chinese Medical Association (ACMA) and the Sydney Badminton Association (SBA) are proud to join forces to bring you joint social badminton sessions and SBA approved Beginners and Enhancement badminton classes. 

These sessions/classes will run from 6th August to 29th October (except 13th August, 10th September and 1st October).  The classes are $390 for members (10 sessions = $39 per session) and there is a refund of $100 for those who have 80% class attendance and pass the practical test at the end of the course.

Please find the flyers and forms here:

  1. Beginners Classes - Flyer (pdf); Application Form (doc)
  2. Enhanced Classes - Flyer (pdf); Application Form (doc)
  3. Social Sessions - Just come and play!

These sessions are sponsored by SBA Official Sports Drinks.