Badminton 2018

Reminder for weekly badminton

Our weekly badminton sessions continues on in 2018. It has been an immensely popular activity but we are always keen for new players to join us.

Anyone can come, even if you are not an ACMA member. The fee structure has changed a little to account for increased court booking costs, but it is still a very good deal as we aim to cover only the costs of court hire. Frequent players can also benefit from paying a monthly fee rather than a sessionional fee. The details are below:

Date and Time: Every Saturday 1600-1800
Venue: Assembly Hall of Granville Boys High School
  14 Mary St Granville NSW 2142 (ph: 02 96370489)
  Car park entrance - 6-8 Hutchinson Street
Cost: $24.00 per month (regardless 4/5 weeks) per person
  $9.00 per session per person for casual players
  (Pay Dr Seng Chua in cash on the day)
Contact: Dr Seng Chua, ACMA Sports Subcommittee Chair


Here is the Flyer.




活动时间: 每周六下午4点至6
活动场地: Granville Boys High School
  14 Mary St., Granville NSW 2142 (场地电话:02 9637 0489)
  停车场入口:6 8 Hutchinson Street
费用: $24.00 / 每人每月(4-5场活动视月份而定)
  $9.00 / 每人每次
  (参加活动届时以现金支付给Dr Seng Chua)