Journey of Wellness Charity Dinner

With the Covid 19 pandemic, we can no longer take for granted a lot of things such as socialising, staying together and sharing. Friend or families are forced apart. As such Way In Network and ACMA Charitable Trust are organising this event to reconnect our members and friends, promote wellness, eat well, have fun and raise funds for worthy causes.

Key Speaker: Dr David Mann PhD, dietitian, who will give us tips for how to enhance health, beauty, and boost our immune system through good diet.


Funds raised that night will be donated to ACMA Charitable Trust, and with all proceeds received by the Trust that night to go to below charitable organisation:

  1. MITO Foundation – a research organisation of Mitochondrial Disease for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cures for such disease, as well as support to patients and carers.
  2. Counterpoint Multicultural Services – this Sydney city centric organisation has a long history of supporting seniors from multi-cultural backgrounds including Chinese as a significant portion. They have a centre in Redfern for activities and support to seniors mostly under poverty. With recent Covid 19 issue, seniors are more confined physically and in demand of more necessities too. We hope to fund Counterpoint for a project to visits of such seniors by their volunteers and workers with gifts of necessities.

Covid Safety Measures for the event night

To ensure the safety of our guests and to comply to the current Covid regulations of NSW, below features will be in place:

  • Zilver Bondi Restaurant is a Covid safe registered restaurant
  • Guests will be within the Restaurant’s maximum seating capacity 125 persons under Covid
  • QR code for guest registration upon arrival and master list of guests with contact details will be provided to Restaurant
  • Temperature check by restaurant staff upon guest arrival
  • Guests will be asked to stay in table unless otherwise required
  • Face mask will be provided, and guest will be asked to wear face mask when viewing auction item displays
  • Social distancing will be required all time, and will be assisted by an officer assigned that night
  • Performers will be limited to maximum of 5 personas at a time and will be kept away at least 5 metres from first row of guests

Event flyer can be found here.


UPDATE: Event sold out! Thank you for your support!