Australian Nursing Home Foundation Fundraising Campaign

It is again time to renew your ACMA membership.

This year, we are running a fundraising campaign for the ACMA Charitable Trust to support the Australian Nursing Home Foundation (ANHF).

The ANHF is a non-profit organisation specialising in providing culturally-appropriate aged care services for the Chinese and South-East Asian Australian communities. The current campaign supports the ANHF’s new residential aged care facility at Gordon, in Northern Sydney. The target for this campaign is $30,000, which will provide us with the right to name one of the rooms at the Gordon facility after the ACMA Charitable Trust and the ACMA.

We encourage you to support this campaign through a donation as you renew your ACMA membership. We sincerely thank you for your continued support of the ACMA, the ACMA Charitable Trust, and the Chinese Australian community.